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From Our Soil to Your Shelf

Knowing where your raw materials come from is the first step in making a quality product but it is also the first step in building a clear marketing message.

Where does your raw material come from?

Knowing the farms and processing facilities that create the raw materials that go in your products is the first step in building a quality program. Complete traceablity comes from following the supply chain back to the source. NuAxon helps with that process with 'Just in Time" manufacturing, in other words, we make your extracts on demand using your requirements as a guide.

This type of operation takes longer to deliver the material but it gives you the freshest extracts and full knowledge on the supply channel. If you buy from a warehouse the extract was made sometime in the past and has been sitting around waiting on you to order it. You might even get the same material months apart if you buy from a warehouse, then you have two production lots with the same material in it and your customers are not getting the freshest extracts in that second run.

We invite you to come and see our US FDA inspected extraction facility, and our certified organic farming operation in India to help you become familiar with your supply chain in a way that helps you create the best products in the world.

Where does your marketing story come from?

Knowing where it comes from is also important when building your marketing. Every consumer is interested in where it came from, how the farmers are treated, and if the materials are safe. How is that story built when you buy from a warehouse? What can you say about the plants, the farmers, the extraction, or any real part of that extract's story?

Certifications are great but they are not a marketing story, they are only part of the picture. Putting a face and a name on Fair Trade is powerful stuff. Showing your leadership in the rich red soil of our farms will move people to action. Giving the consumer a connection to the products you make is more than just a tagline or catch phrase, it is a deep and powerful process that starts with, where, how, and who.

Let us help you show your customers where, how and who in a way that is powerful, specific to your company and truly unique.

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