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Our manufacturing begins as soon as the herb leaves the soil.  Onsite workgroups preprocess the herbs based on the requirements for each plant.  Then a short drive to our manufacturing campus starts the next phase of manufacturing which may include CO2 extraction or hydroethanolic extraction to name a few options. The resulting extracts are used in making our products or shipped to manufacturers, worldwide to be used in some of the best selling products on the planet.



In this picture you can see workers onsite at our farm cleaning and polishing the turmeric rhisomes.  Work like this is necessary to remove the soil and organic debri so the next step in the process is not hindered.


Preprocessing is a labor intensive activity for us because we have refused to use harsh chemicals as a way to 'clean' the plants.  Also our strict chain of custidy policies require the human touch to ensure the plant material is not exposed to common pollutants.

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We use a variety of extraction methods to achieve the highest quality product.  These methods are designed to extract the flavors, and aromas as well as the active compounds from the plants.


Our CO2 extraction operation is one of the largest in the industry and is working day and night churning out the finest oils found anywhere.


Our hydrophilic extracts are produced using modern equipment and methods and is a requirement for many herbs.

Finished Products and Raw Material Refinements


After extraction we produce a broad variety of finished products that are sold under our label as well as dozens of other international brands from around the world.


Some of our extracts are sent to manufacturers for use in products they produce in their own factories.  These extracts are atractive to manufacturers because we practice a sustainable business model and can show where a plant was grow and who cared for it.  Additionally, we can show that our practices ensure that everyone in the supply chain is treated fairly.

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