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from our soil to your shelf

We are a US company with a strong connection to India and the herbs that come from the Ayurvedic tradition.  We own three certified organic farms in that area, which is one of the richest agricultural areas in India.  


Supplying some of the biggest names in the Natural product industry with super-premium ingredients has been our passion from the start.  We source the herbs used in our extracts from our own certified organic farms as well as from the certified organic coop that we founded and funded to ensure that the farmers that tend these precious plants get a fair price for their efforts.

Bulk infographic.PNG
Lust mountains
Wild Crafters
Organnic Farming
Ashwagandha roots
Botanical gardens
Farm Staff
Worker in the Field
Ayurvedic plants
Monkeys are our neighbors
Harvesting by hand
River view at night
Cow on the farm
Water buffalo
Nitril Farm
Shatavari Wild crafted
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